Saturday, April 26, 2014

May Crop

Things are just about ready for the crop, such an exciting time with Spring here and all the birds singing! a Garden Party, couldn’t be better to get us in the summer spirit.

I am not sad to see winter leave us, mind you I don't like the 40’ weather and the humidity that August brings us, but it is much better than the snow!
We have a ton of beautiful birds around the shop, from Robins to blue birds. Nests all over the place, I really love this time of year.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Showers

April showers bring May flowers…….. lets hope it starts to warm up some so the little buds can peek their heads out!! My gardens are showing proof that they will come out whether it is snowy or not!

I had the pleasure of attending the All Day Crop so Kid’s can Talk crop on Saturday April 5th, as a vendor!! Thank you so much Lise, Chantal and Mary for the invite! It was a wonderful day! such a great cause, with all the bullying that goes on today in school, on texts and the internet this service is so important.
I met the wonderful mother of Courtney Brown, with whom this crop was dedicated to. Sharon, it truly was a pleasure meeting you and hearing Courtney’s story, I know awareness is the key on both sides of the issue.

Our May Garden Party is getting in full swing, making favours, deciding on colours…….. I’m so excited to be hosting our 2nd crop! yay!! have you signed up yet?

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