Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bo Bunny Pet Tails


What an adorable line of paper and goodies for us to create beautiful memories of our 4-legged family members!! So colourful and bright! a must for any pet pages that you are thinking about creating, not just for cats and dogs either! birds, bunnies, horses and so on.
I have done 2 pages, one featuring the cat papers and the 2nd for dogs.


This is Harley, our newest addition. He is quite the handful, in to everything and terrorizes our older cat Riley! They snuggle and play and will spend hours cleaning one another.

Our dog Baillee, Kellee, Jake, Riley and Harley


Very sad to say that 3 of them are gone now, Kellee ( Dalmatian ), Jake ( red Mainecoon ) and Baillee ( Coonhound ) Baillee was our latest loss, at 17 he lived a wonderfully spoiled life! He enjoyed life and gave us nothing but unconditional love and acceptance. He is missed terribly, as are the others but his is more recent and the hurt and loss are still fresh.

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